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A behaviour change intervention designed by the RACGP, Healthy Habits was designed in consultation with GPs, Primary Care Nurses, health consumers and behaviour change experts, to make positive lifestyle changes easier and more effective for patients needs.

Healthy Habits has four key elements


Patient Pathways

The patient pathways use the 5A’s frameworks for identifying and managing behavioural risk factors in primary healthcare. These guides support clinicians to start conversations about making lifestyle changes, assess their patient’s readiness for change and if suitable, set up and use Healthy Habits to track their lifestyle changes.


Mobile app

There are many health and lifestyle apps on the market, but very few that links patients to their General Practice team. This simple mobile app to help patients set goals and track their progress. Users can allow their GP and the practice team to see progress, so they can discuss their goals and overcome any challenges with your support.

The simplicity, that’s what I like [about the Healthy Habits app]
A patient with heart disease

Clinician dashboard

It can be hard for patients to recall their day-to-day physical activity and nutrition, and hard for GPs and Primary Care Nurses to know what to ask about. With the clinician dashboard, GPs and Primary Care Nurses can see the goals patients have set since their last appointment, and work together to see how patients are progressing and which goals they’ve achieved.

Patients just want to be accountable to someone
Denise Lyons, a Primary Care Nurse from Newcastle

Resource Hub

The Healthy Habits Resource Hub is where clinicians and primary care nurses will find information, programs, guidelines and CPD training to support their patients make positive lifestyle changes.

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