8 in 10 patients want their General Practice team to talk to them about physical activity and nutrition

Healthy Habits makes it easier to discuss physical activity and nutrition with patients and monitor their progress.

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An evidence-based approach to improving and monitoring patient health.

The latest evidence on behaviour change demonstrates that when clinicians advise and encourage patients to make lifestyle changes, more than half can make positive changes within 6 months.

Changing Habits

Healthy Habits combines the most effective behaviour change strategies

How it works

Healthy Habits helps patients to set achievable physical activity and nutrition goals and supports GPs and Primary Care Nurses to review and celebrate patient progress via a connected patient app.

Healthy Habits App

The app makes it easy for patients to set personalised goals for moving more or eating better, and tracks their progress over time.

Clinicians and patients can review progress together, to celebrate victories and work through challenges in a standard consultation.

Set personal goals

Patients can set their own physical activity and nutrition related goals.

View progress

Patient activity is tracked and progress can be monitored in the clinician dashboard, allowing clinicians to support patients reaching their goals.

Receive Messages

Receive messages of support from your primary health care team.

Clinician Dashboard

The clinician dashboard gives the general practice team, an overview of patients’ physical activity and nutrition goals over time.

Patients can give GPs access to their activity through this app and be supported by their clinician to reach their goal. This also encourages a sense of accountability.

Patient progress at a glance

Facilitate effective conversations within standard consultation based on patient information.

Proactive patient care

Identify patients who might be struggling to stay on track and send them messages of encouragement through the clinician dashboard to the patient's app.

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