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The Healthy Habits Resource Hub is a one-stop shop for information, programs, guidelines and training opportunities on physical activity, nutrition, sleep health and other related topics that impact these behaviours such as sleep, mental wellbeing, alcohol consumption, and chronic conditions.

The Hub is intended for clinicians to use to support their patients make positive lifestyles changes. There are three directories of resources to search by:

  • Patient resources
  • Clinical resources, or
  • CPD training

Patients can also access the patient resource directory through the Healthy Habits App.

How did we source the information?

The resources included in this Hub are intended to provide a snapshot of what is available and not a perfect representation of everything that is happening across Australia.

The RACGP Healthy Habits Team conducted an extensive scan of resources/programs available across the country. A panel of GPs, primary care nurses and health consumers assessed the identified resources against a set of criteria to determine if they should be included in the Resource Hub. This process is separate to the RACGP endorsement and approval process. Resources in this Resource Hub are not endorsed by the RACGP. They are a compilation of resources relevant and aligned to Healthy Habits.

We acknowledge that this information is constantly changing. Pleaselet us know if you see outdated or incorrect information or have a recommendation for a new resource to be added.

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