Patient Pathways

As a primary healthcare clinician, you are a key person in helping patients make lifestyle changes. Healthy Habits Pathways supports you to start conversations about making lifestyle changes, assess your patient’s readiness for change and if suitable, set up and use Healthy Habits to track their lifestyle changes.

Start a conversation

About ways your patient can make some small lifestyle changes to improve their health.


Your patient’s readiness for change and suitability for using the Healthy Habits app

Set up and connect

If the patient is suitable for the Healthy Habits app, help them set some goals in the app and connect to your GP practice so you can track their progress.

How it works

The Healthy Habits pathways uses the 5A's frameworks for identifying and managing behavioural risk factors in primary healthcare






You can follow the interactive pathway with your patient or download the full pathway as a PDF to work through.

There is also an option to download a copy of the responses you have recorded at the end of the pathway to then upload to the patient’s profile in your clinical software.

Find out how to assess your patients readiness for change and tips and tools to motivate them

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