Together, we can achieve a healthier you

The Healthy Habits app makes it easy to set simple, personalised goals to move more or eat better, and share and celebrate your progress with your GP. Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle today.

Small changes can lead to big results

Making lifestyle changes can seem overwhelming. The key to success is starting with small changes and working up to bigger goals over time.

Getting started is easy

All you have to do is download the app and we’ll guide you through the rest.


Set achievable goals

Set personalised goals, and adjust them as you make progress. You’ll also find lots of helpful tips to help you fit nutrition and physical activity into your life.

Track your progress

See your progress over time, celebrate reaching your goals, and set new goals when you’re ready.

Resource Hub

Receive information to help you take active steps to better health, and gain access to resources to inspire your journey

Your General Practice team is here to help

Connect your app to your GP

Connect the Healthy Habits app with your GP so you can work together to achieve your goals.

Customise goals with your GP

With the help of your GP you can set personalised goals, overcome challenges and celebrate your progress.

Schedule follow up appointments

Work together to set personalised goals, celebrate your progress, and overcome any challenges.

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