Monitor and improve patient physical activity, nutrition and sleep health

Patient goals

The clinician dashboard shows patients' physical activity, nutrition and sleep health progress over time. Patients track their activity with the Healthy Habits app and give GPs and Primary Care Nurses access to help them reach their health goals.

Set personal goals

See patient goals for moving more and eating well. Conversations about setting goals at the level and pace that the patient is comfortable with can be guided by the Patient Pathways.

Patient progress at a glance

It’s simple for clinicians to see patient progress towards their health and nutrition goals. Within a standard consultation, GPs and primary care clinicians can view each patient goal and their daily goal completions.

Supports meaningful conversations

Review activity with your patient to engage in meaningful conversations about physical activity, nutrition, sleep health and effective goal setting.

Proactive patient care

Using the clinician dashboard the General Practice team can track patient’s nutrition and physical activity progress. You can proactively identify patients who might be struggling to stay on track and reach out.

Connect your patients to the clinician dashboard

To track the progress of your patient, use your clinician dashboard to generate a unique QR code.

Your patient can take a photo of the QR code on your screen OR you can send them an email or SMS with a link to the QR Code.

Send your patient's messages of support

Clinicians can send secure one-way messages in between consultations to help encourage patients to stay on track and celebrate the small wins.

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