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Sign up to Healthy Habits

Create a Healthy Habits account to access a practice dashboard. If you are signing up your practice, follow the additional step to create a practice.

Before adding patients to a practice dashboard, you will need to verify the practice. This ensures all patient information is only being accessed by verified health professionals.

Register your practice

Initial consultation

Start conversations about healthy eating and exercise

As a primary healthcare clinician, you are a key person in helping patients make lifestyle changes. The Healthy Habits pathways support you to start conversations about making lifestyle changes, assess your patient’s readiness for change and if suitable, set up and use Healthy Habits to track their lifestyle changes.

Patient Pathways

During consultation

Identify and set up goals

Use the Patient Pathways to help you work with your to patient to identify healthy eating and physical activity goals.

Discuss the app with your patient and help to download and record their goals.

In the next consultation, use the Resource Hub to find relevant patient resources or information.


During consultation

Connect your patient to the clinician dashboard

A. Click ‘Add a patient’

B. Enter the patient’s name, and their date of birth (optional)

C. Click ‘Generate’ to create a unique QR code

D. To download the Healthy Habits app: Your patient can scan the QR code on your screen, with their mobile, OR you can send them an email or SMS with a link to the QR Code.

E. Your patient then follows the prompts to download the Healthy Habits app. This can be done after the consultation.

Once the app is installed, your patient will be shown on your clinician dashboard. Only the practice that shared the QR code can see the patient’s data.



Track patient progress

Using the clinician dashboard GPs and Primary Care Nurses can track patient’s nutrition and physical activity progress. You can proactively identify patients who might be struggling to stay on track and reach out.



Encourage and support

Clinicians can send secure one-way messages in between consultations to help encourage patients to stay on track and celebrate the small wins.



Make it a team effort

Access support and resources to help you and your team to embed Healthy Habits in your practice.

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